Hartz Disposable Cat Diapers

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  • EASY TO PUT ON & STAY ON: With wide, adjustable tabs, these disposable cat diapers are easy to put on and stay on with a secure fit.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: Even on the most active cats, the soft and breathable diaper fits comfortably without falling off or slipping down.
  • 12 HOUR LEAK PROOF PROTECTION: The ultra-absorbent core with FlashDry Technology instantly turns liquid into GEL for up to 12 hours of leak-proof protection.
  • ADJUSTABLE TAIL HOLE: Designed for the many shapes and sizes of cats’ tails, the tail hole can be adjusted both wider and taller for your kitty’s tail size.
  • USAGE OCCASIONS: Ideal for Marking or Spraying, Incontinence, Females in Heat, Recovery from Surgery, or Travel.
  • Size SS: Fits cats with waists between 8” and 11.5” and weighing between 3.5 pounds and 7.5 pounds.

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